People Perspective is the only perspective

When a company grows as rapidly as Bofor does, a strong people perspective is crucial to keep things rolling into the right direction. ”Company growth is always a challenge because it enables people to change the way they interact and co-operate in the company”, begins Krista Turunen, the new People Lead at Bofor. ”But it’s also an opportunity to make the company culture even better.” 


As both Lawyer and Master in Economics Krista understands the duality of her position. ”As people lead, my main goal is to keep our employees happy and satisfied. The biggest question is: what happiness is, and how can I foster an environment that’s conducive to engagement and career satisfaction. It’s important to us that our employees feel appreciated, that they know that what they do is meaningful and impactful. We are always here to help them further their careers and explore inspiring opportunities”, Krista lists. “This is where our greatest challenge lies: how do we offer each individual the challenges and support they require to thrive on both a personal and a professional level? We strive for an environment of acceptance, where diversity is embraced and individuality is encouraged” Krista continues.

Challenges get the adrenalin flowing and succeeding in demanding tasks releases endorfins, but there is no universal measure for dosing pressure or recovery from demanding days at work. “From a personal perspective, I know that having a wide range of fulfilling hobbies offers me a sense of balance, which helps me reach my full potential at the office. It works for me, but not necessarily for everyone else”, Krista laughs. “And this is why I think it’s so important to take an individual approach when it comes to our employees.”


Team environment and long-term scope make people management even more complex. Each team member should have strengths that support growth in others. “Making the right choices is the only way to maintain an environment that keeps employees motivated and engaged. This is why the people perspective is the only perspective in a way: only our people can reach the targets of our company. It really is a field that offers endless possibilities, and is perpetually fascinating to me”, Krista concludes. 

 Do you know what makes your employees happy at work?