Bofor Oy

Turn information into happiness and satisfaction

We work hard to make work fun and rewarding. Digital information is a tool we use to give modern work some soul.

Our values are our soul

Bofor was founded on OUR VALUES. Our purpose is to prepare people and team for opportunities and success.

CONSTANT LEARNING – studying 2 h per week prepares you for success

GO FOR WOW, ordinary never gets chosen over extraordinary

DIVERSITY LEADS, innovation, success and happiness follows

BOFORIAN SWAG – be confident, stay curious, value your well-being

ALWAYS ETHICAL, whenever in doubt, just do the right thing

Values become visible in action

Values are what inspire us and make things work IN ACTION.

Lead by example

Coach superstars of the future

Make concrete improvements

Push our agile organization

This is what we do for you

Leadership coaching

Set concrete sales goals and make the latest digital solution work for your business.

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Customer data control

Take complete control of your customer data and make it useful in sales, marketing and customer service.

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Digital sales squad

The people, the go-getter culture and the Microsoft technology that bring in the profits of digitalization.

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Activate customer journeys

Proudly build your data driven customer journeys and boost sales with right message at right time.

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Bofor Financial Industry Team is living proof of where true passion can take you

Our values guide us to follow our passion, and Bofor Financial Industry Team is leading the way. Our keen interest and unique skills in the financial industry have attracted the biggest businesses in Finland to use our expertise to improve productivity with flexible and secure work solutions. There is a once-in-a-generation shift in how, where and when we work, and our team of business advisors and Dynamics professionals know how to make it profitable, satisfactory and safe.

Healthcare sector deserves the easiest solutions

The healthcare sector is a high-stress environment where people are driven by the passionate collaboration that helps patients and saves lives. Bofor has really focused on making the digital tools as easy and straight-forward to use as possible. Our expert team knows the unique challenges healthcare workers face, and work hard to deliver digital solutions that save time and energy for the actual work they are committed to, advancing the health of the patients.

Bofor news

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We are four friends who saw that data was in need. It was powerful but its power was lacking. A purpose, a meaning, A SOUL. We decided to give it some.

Believing in our simple strategy has given us the altitude to see THE VISION: Let’s raise a family of colleagues, partners and customers to believe in concrete action and welcome them to join our MISSION POSSIBLE: turn digital information into happiness and satisfaction for every day at work.