Coding, Cottages, and Confetti

Hey there, tech enthusiasts and curious readers! I’m a Full Stack Developer who’s as passionate about front-end design as a kid is about candy. When I’m not coding, I’m probably thinking about coding, dreaming about coding, or – believe it or not – coding! Today, I want to share a bit about my journey and how my personal life inspired a fun and functional new project.

At our company, we have this awesome thing called “continuous learning,” which means we get two hours each week to learn something new. It’s like recess, but for grown-ups and way cooler. I use this time to dive into fresh topics, which I then apply to my personal projects. Because why not make life a bit more interesting with some code, right?

Let me introduce you to my first pet project: the cottage management application. This isn’t just any cottage app – it’s for my very own cottage! The whole idea started with an Instagram account where I share the joys of cottage life. From there, it grew into a blog-style platform where I chronicle my adventures and the projects I’m tackling at the cottage.

One of the coolest features is a seasonal section that guides you through what needs to be done at the cottage each time of year. Need to know what to pre-plant in spring or when to prune the apple trees? This app has all those answers and more.

Now, let’s get to the juicy part. Last month, I got engaged – cue the confetti! To celebrate, I decided to create a wedding app for our guests. Because, of course, what better way to kick off a marriage than with a fully functional application? Here’s what this wedding wizardry includes:

  • Detailed Schedule: Because nobody wants to miss the cake cutting.
  • Accommodation Booking: Helping guests find a place to crash after they’ve danced their shoes off.
  • RSVP System: Making it easier for guests to say “I do” to our big day.
  • Dietary Preferences: Ensuring everyone’s dietary needs are met.
  • Photo Sharing: Allowing guests to upload and share all those candid moments after the event.

Technically speaking (brace yourselves, this gets nerdy), the app is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) masterpiece. The backend is powered by C#, making it as robust as a bodybuilder on a protein shake. The frontend – my playground – is crafted with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, ensuring it’s as pretty as a picture and smooth as butter.

Here’s a peek under the hood at some of the tech magic:

  • Azure Blob Storage: For storing all those precious wedding photos securely.
  • Azure Key Vault: Keeping our secrets safer than a dragon’s hoard.
  • Azure App Service: Hosting the app so it’s always up and running, come rain or shine.
  • OAuth Authentication: Ensuring everyone logs in securely with roles like:
    • Admin (That’s us, the wedding couple): We’re the bosses here.
    • Event Planners (Best Man and Maid of Honor): They get special powers for pre-wedding events.
    • Guests: They get to see what they need and nothing more.

I use GitHub for version control, making sure all my code is backed up and easy to manage.

Working with Microsoft technologies and Azure services makes my job feel like a high-tech treasure hunt. Whether I’m at work or tinkering with my personal projects, I’m always learning and growing. And hey, if I can combine wedding planning with my passion for coding, anything’s possible.

So, here’s to continuous learning, endless coding, and a happily ever after – both in life and in tech! Cheers!