Love successes over systems

At Bofor we love successes more than systems and our new Consultant Sauli Tyvi is no exeption. ”Wanna hear my service development philosophy? Solve as much as you can, code as little as you can”, Sauli shares. We aspire on spending most of our days finding out the actual needs of our clients – the things their success depends on – and putting only the absolutely necessary stuff into production. ”This way the client gets the most elegant technical solution and everybody saves time, money and energy. Who doesn’t love that?”, Sauli asks.

Right people with right skills and tools
We take a lot of pride of our industry specific teams that have taken the market by storm. ”Understanding what actually is preventing our client from succeeding is a great start. But you also need the right combination of people to remove the obstacles. The old saying for a hammer all problems are nails is a very important lesson. At Bofor my team members really complete me with their skills and knowledge and cover my back. Together we make sure our clients get the concrete improvements they really need. And only that, no clutter”, Sauli underlines.

Making the right choices is a skill
In building successes for our clients there are certain crossroads that need to be identified to prevent the projects from bloating. ”Solving only the right problems is one for sure. Another is choosing the right technology and scale. At Bofor we can do low code or pro code no problem, but knowing the right way to proceed from the get-go is a really important skill. And that develops only with experience, luckily Bofor culture is all about leading by example and coaching the superstars of the future, I love that”, Sauli touts. ”Seeing when projects actually start to bear fruit and finishing them with a high note is also big part of our professionalism. We want to see our clients to gain independence and take charge sooner rather than later. Because that’s the real growth right there”, Sauli concludes.