Rebels with a good cause: How value-based leadership makes people happier

One of the hottest topics in the business world is DEI, which means leading with values such as
diversity, equity, equality and inclusion. 
Yet in tech, as in many sectors, there’s a risk of diversity-washing.  
Like greenwashing – when a company says it’s environmentally conscious for marketing
purposes but doesn’t take any real sustainability measures – diversity-washing pretends to invest
in diverse talent but doesn’t actually treat people with respect or give them power. 
At Bofor, we believe in leading by example. That means being rebels – in a good way – and
doing things well before the rest of the pack. Our punk attitude means we embraced the value of
diversity long before it became a business buzzword.
“Here, everyone can truly be themselves,” says Krista Turunen, Bofor’s People Lead.
“We believe diversity, equality and inclusion should be non-negotiable parts of every modern
company, which is why it’s DEI is at the core of our human-centric approach,” says Turunen.
“Being accepted and appreciated translates into psychological safety, which is fundamental to
wellbeing and happiness. If you don’t feel safe at work, you don’t feel well and your work will
suffer,” says Eeva Leskinen, Bofor’s Diversity Lead. 

How to rock your business

According to a growing body of research, diversity leads to better innovation, increases
productivity, reduces staff turnover, and offers broader insight into clients’ needs.
Teemu Haataja, one of Bofor’s co-founders, highlights the invaluable perspective that Senior
Developer Farnaz Mehranfar, who grew up in Iran, brought to a recent healthcare app. “As a
result of her expertise and insight, we were able to build a better system for our client, which
saved them both time and money,” says Haataja. “That, of course, made them happy,” he adds.
Working in silos where the collective frame of reference is narrow can lead to tone-deaf digital
deliverables. An enterprise-level business application cannot be designed by a few people for
successful use by thousands of different people.
We value everyone so that we can be true to our slogan: “Turning information into happiness and