Put all data in one place and activate your customer journeys

Customer data changes everything and will bring happiness and satisfaction to businesses big and small. BUT. All of your customer data needs to be in one place and accessible to all departments. Only then you can use your customer data to connect marketing, sales and service into one continuous customer journey, in which every single action is based on data, and more importantly, stuff gets actually DONE.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Samuli Siivonen, the head of Bofor’s Customer Journey unit. I want to assure you: with our tech, your customer data turns into active customer journeys, that bring the happiness and satisfaction you want and deserve.


The days of mass mailings are over, now everything starts with understanding every customer as an individual. When you have all of your customer data in one place, you get a 360° view of each customer with their unique needs and wants. With that you can create personalized digital experiences, that are guided by the customer. When the customer is in charge, the experience flows seamlessly from channel to channel, and you can engage them with the right message in the moments that matter the most.


Marketing automation tool today is no longer just a spam-engine, you get several cloud-based customer experience management features, like event management, surveys and social media integrations. It also offers bunch of AI based capabilities like for example automatic scheduling of emails. Despite of all this it’s easy to implement and use, and on top of that, fairly priced. But the bottom line is that it helps you to understand your customers and their needs better.


Our experienced team has been on both sides of the table. We can help you with marketing and sales strategy, process development, data, tech implementation and even content creation. We might be horn-tooting tech geeks, but we have huge respect for the marketing work and we choose people with industry specific skills to work for us. Our approach is to serve you directly, not through helpdesk, and to coach you until you have reached total independency with the tools. Sounds like happiness, doesn’t it?