The first year by our values

Our way of making our colleagues and customers commit

We founded Bofor on our values, the things we know – by experience – help people reach their goals. Now that we have the first whole year behind us it’s time to take a look how it went. I’m glad it seems we have all the reasons to continue on our chosen path.


Constant learning – the first point on our value list – we realize in very relaxed manner. You can use two paid hours weekly to study any topic you want. It can be focusing on your personal development or cooking, dancing, playing an instrument, anything really, as long as it is something you want to be better at and can share your findings with the rest of us.

This creates a constant and positive flow of learning, developing and sharing. And it gives us unique edge when we develop our industry specific expertise, the number one thing our customers want from us, and the absolutely best way to make them to commit. Whenever we encounter new phenomenon it’s in our backbone to find out all about it and share our findings with others. This actually works, the tone of our customer feedback, the amount of new business inquiries and the pure numbers of our business growth speak for themselves. 1,75 million of turnover exceeded our target for the first year. And it’s a number we all can be proud of.


The other equally important aspect is that we constantly learn from each other and from each other’s experience. Our sessions create free-flowing discussions, associations, insights and pure joy, and it is the closest thing to magic I’ve experienced in my career. And what could be a better way to create sense of togetherness than giving opportunities to share your passion with focused and appreciative listeners. I’m confident that this is the core of the commitment we experience together and the attraction of Bofor for the future Boforians. The better side of 20 magnificent people we get to work with every day and all the team has accomplished is the proof.


Our first year was successful and gave us confidence that we have done the right choices in the market. Our tight focus on building industry specific teams have clearly convinced our customers. Of course there are areas where we could be better, but as long as we hold on to our values and believe in them, we get better. And in our book, that is all that counts. Let´s keep on learning, caring and focusing to the things we can be better at. Have a great year 2022.